I got my new Macbook Pro 13″!!!

Posted on May 6, 2010. Filed under: Computers |

I just got my new Macbook Pro 13″ and it’s just completely AWESOME!!!!!!! This is by far the BEST computer I have EVER used in my entire life! And, this is coming from someone who has been using a PC since I was like 9 years old… that’s 20 years, folks! Wow!

Ok, so, what’s so great about a Mac? Well, that’s the question I have been asking myself for years now. Well, the first thing I love about it, is its presentation. It’s just plain beautiful! I have been asking myself, “where is the vent to blow out the hot air and keep this computer cool?”. It is so quiet and it doesn’t burn my lap due to overheating. The design of the laptop is just innovative and beautiful!

The second thing I love about it is the trackpad. It is WAY BETTER than a mousepad. I absolutely LOVE all the features for one, two, three and four finger gestures. It was so intuitive that my first expression was, “Why hasn’t Microsoft thought of this?!”

I am still getting accustomed to Snow Leopard. However, I am sure I will feel comfortable with it soon enough. I think that I’m really happy with my purchase. I think that my Macbook Pro are just great! It was well worth the $1199.

I hope to take some pictures of it and place them in this post. My next step is to learn more about Snow Leopard, install Open Office, and learn Objective-C. Sweet!

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