I did it again… only posting at the end of the month!

Ok, I am guilty. I did it again. I haven’t done any posts this month. It is the last day of the month and I think this is my first post. I am quite ashamed actually. However, many things have happened this month. Hmmm… where should I start….

Ok, first, one of my favorite sources of manga titles is closing down. Onemanga.com is closing down today. I really saddens me. I don’t understand how the manga authors can be against their mangas being given exposure to persons of different languages, especially when they don’t provide the means for these same persons to access their material from them directly. I think they need to re-evaluate how they do business. Even using publishing companies in other countries is just plain ridiculous, because these companies charge an exorbitant amount of money for translating and distributing the mangas, and the worst thing about it is that they are distributed months to years after the Japanese version of the manga is published. So, you are always behind the japanese fans. I think what the manga authors (mangakas) need to do is to publish Japanese versions in addition to other versions (English, Italian, Spanish, etc.) digitally on their own websites, and charge a monthly subscription that is equivalent to the yen value of purchasing a month’s worth of the print version of the manga. I mean, that in and of itself is a huge profit maker because the digital version removes the need to include the cost of printing the manga, and distributing it physically to news stands and stores. So, all that money you don’t have to pay the middle men for the middle processes go directly to the manga author’s pockets. I have been thinking about this for a while. The interesting (and good) thing is that there are others who think the same way as me. Openmanga.com is a newly formed company that is trying to do the very thing that I have outlined here. Check it out.

Second, I have been working on learning Objective-C for the past two months. I find that it’s an awesome language, and the iPhone platform is pretty easy to learn and write apps. I will bring you further developments on my journey in Objective-C.

The last thing that I will mention in this post is that I will be visiting Florida net week Tuesday. I’ll be there until the following week Thursday. It’s a short trip, but it should be a good one. Me and my family will meet my brother, aunt, and hopefully some college buddies that I haven’t seen in a while.

Have a good evening folks. God bless.

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