What’s going on with modern browsers?!

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Hi Folks! I just wanted to rant a bit about my experiences with the browsers that I love to use! As most of you may know I am a proud convert to Apple devices! I’ve had my Macbook Pro for over a year now, and I am lovin’ it! Even when I was an avid Windows PC user, I rarely ever used IE. I am an avid user of Firefox and Google Chrome, and I also often use Opera and Safari! These are my four favorite browsers! I don’t leave home without ’em! However, I just have one complaint about them! They use up way to much memory! Too often, I find that Firefox is using too much memory. Even right now as I am typing, I have 8 tabs in 1 window open in Firefox 4.0.1, and Firefox is using over 700MB of memory. I also have Safari 5.0.5 running with 9 tabs in 1 window, and it is using over 500MB. See below: Why do these awesome browsers need to use so much memory. I am not using Chrome at the moment, but despite how much I LOVE using Chrome browser, it seems to use the most memory of all! And don’t mention all the Google Renderers that clutter the Activity Monitor! I will give you an update on that, at a later date! However, my questions are:
  • “Does anyone else have this problem, or has noticed this?”
  • Are there any reliable, independent memory benchmark comparisons done on browsers?
  • Does anyone know the best way to tweak these browsers to minimize/optimize memory usage?
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