Try Dreamhost!!

Hi Everyone! Recently, I have realized that a lot of persons are considering changing their web hosting company. I did that recently, when I changed from to One of my main reasons for switching was that I needed secure online source code versioning. I wanted a web hosting that offered it as part of its package. I didn’t want to go to host it separate from my websites, and have to pay extra. I found that dreamhost had the solution that I was looking for. It is a pretty good web hosting company. They have quick and easy one click installs, and you can choose which version of PHP you want on your site. You can also host multiple domains on a single web hosting. Right now they are offering UNLIMITED storage and UNLIMITED bandwidth, and you have a 2 week free trial period, as well as a 97 day money back guarantee. Please check out all the features. As a matter of encouraging persons to try out and join dreamhost, I am offering a DISCOUNT PROMO Code that you can use during signup. It will give you $20 off a 1 year sign up, and $25 off a 2 year sign up. PROMO Code: MGUS2025 This promo code is from me to you! I really appreciate your support on my blog and software!

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