Android development progress… week 3

Posted on October 2, 2011. Filed under: General, Programming |

Hi Everyone, As usual, I don’t make enough time for posting on my blog. Seriously… I really need to post more often. However, I’ve been pretty busy last month. I release new versions of my Joomla plugins, updated some pages on the website, purchased a Google Nexus S phone, released updated versions of Match 4 Rainbow for iOS, started working on a new website, and started porting Match 4 Rainbow to Android! Yep… you read that right. This week is my third week porting Match 4 Rainbow to Android. I am pretty excited about it! It’s been quite a learning experience. I have actually come to enjoy using my Android phone, and even writing the code for it. I was kinda frustrated at first. I still actually prefer coding in Objective C, but Java really was my first love… so, I am quite nostalgic about it, and am reminiscing in its flavor. So far, here’s what I have completed:
  • Customized all my images for the devices
  • Created new spritesheets
  • Integrated Cocos2D into Eclipse and got it working
  • Added OpenFeint to the game, and am working on tweaking things
  • Finished data storage and localizations
This week, I should have the game play up and running, and I have some more tweaking to do. I am thinking of posting a couple of tutorials on how to do some basic stuff. I think that would help quite a few people to get started on working with Android and Cocos2D. Also, one quick tip for people to know is… when you are playing sound effects on Android with Cocos2D, it is best to encode your files as Ogg Vorbis sound files. I’ll post a tutorial on how to do this, specifying the best settings to use. That’s all for now, folks!

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I purchased the Folder listing Pro software from your site.After paying for it I was directed back to your site and thanked for my purchase but no software. How do I get the software?

@Lionel. A download email was sent to you once your purchased the software. Please check your email account. Sometimes, the email gets flagged in a person’s spam folder. If you have any further problems, please contact me via email.

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