Progress Report: Easy Folder Listing Pro version 3.0

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Easy Folder Listing Pro Version 3.0

I have been working on updating this plugin for the past 6 months now. At first I thought I could finish it in 2 months or so. However, life happens. Sickness, other business, added features, unexpected errors, and religious commitments have prolonged my work on the project. However, I finally feel like I am close to finishing. Here is an outline of the features that are included , and their progress.

Features or Fixes Date Competed
Added Multi-Download Front-end Verification2014-07-22
Replaced Filter Search with full AJAX Search2014-07-19
Removed Javascript Filter Search2014-07-09
Added Explorer listing type2014-07-09
Added jQuery-compatible scripts2014-06-27
Added Paginated Table listing type 2014-06-19
Added Multi-file download as archive 2014-05-29
Added option to select previewer 2014-05-23
Added time-limited download links 2014-05-23
Obfuscate File links 2014-04-25
Added Profiles Overrides 2014-04-25
Refactor listing-generation code 2014-04-25
Added option to use atime or ctime as options to mtime 2014-04-11
Added folder sorting 2014-04-11
Read files stored from location outside of Joomla location 2014-04-11
Fixed issue with maxlevel 2014-04-08
Skips files without extensions 2014-04-08
Made all internal link references to be relative instead of absolute 2014-03-15
Spaces are used to separate attributes instead of pipe characters 2014-03-04
Extension no longer removes shortcode when content plugin is not enabled 2014-03-03
Added Companion Content plugin 2014-02-28
Added Companion Editor-Extension plugin 2014-02-26
Added built-in Help system 2014-02-19
Added Icon to File Extension Management 2014-02-05
Add option to choose Sort Algorithm 2014-01-30
Removed MooRainbow Color Picker in favor of Joomla’s Built-in Color Picker 2014-01-30
Use custom JLog loggers 2013-12-27
Converted to Component 2013-12-16
Removed option to Add Metatag 2013-12-14
Changed licensing to GPL v3 2013-12-10
Removed all reference assignments (=&)2013-09-23
Removed Compatibility with Unsupported Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.72013-09-23

So, I am almost finished. It will be worth the wait. I have changed the plugin to a component, which makes is way more powerful and versatile. Once this plugin is done, I will be updating the website and the rest of the extensions. The extensions will be all compatible with Joomla 3.3.

Version 3.0 will be available for USD $20.00. I will be giving out a 30% discount coupon to anyone who follows me on Twitter. If you are an existing customer, you can always email me and I will post the coupon in July, once the plugin in released. However, it is way easier to follow me on twitter.

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