Valor Apps secure website launched!

I am happy to announce that my secure online digital store, Valor Apps, is now up and running!

I will be using my new site for purchasing of all my commercial Joomla extensions! The site is run under my business name, Valor Apps. You’ll find more information on all my software. I will be updating the site in the next month or two, adding more documentation for your favorite software.

This blog site will still be used for my personal affairs, and also to promote my software in a general sense. My ultimate aim is to separate my software business from my personal blog. One of the major benefits of this is that I no longer will be sending download emails, but rather you can log into the Valor Apps site and download any software your purchase.

Thanks for your continued support, everyone!

To blog? or not to blog?

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been really blogging in a while. I think I have been caught between two opinions as of late.There has been a lot on my mind, especially when it comes to politics, and social science. However, I digress… mainly because I don’t want to share everything that is in my mind to share. I have been thinking about the idea of privacy, and the right to privacy, and how that impacts the web. One of the issues on my mind is that whatever I blog on will be available as public knowledge, and may be used in the future to judge who I am, especially since there is a growing trend to jump to conclusions based on non-contextual rhetoric, and twisting the semantics of an individuals statements. Anyways, I am sure I will find some sort of common ground soon, so that I can blog happily and freely again. Read More

To blog or not to blog… hmm…

Another month has passed, and I am yet to put a decent post. Man, I feel partly ashamed. But, the truth is that sometimes, I think of things I want to blog, and I question whether I should blog about it or not. For example, many things have come into my mind about politics, and religion, and I want to put in my two cents, but I end up holding it all back. I think that it reveals a little too much, but at the same time, I do want to blog my thoughts. Anyways… I’m still pondering how I should express my thoughts. However, apart from my indecision when it comes to blogging for the past month, I have been pretty busy on some projects on my MacBook Pro. I have been learning Objective-C and writing quite a bit of code. I really has been a lot of fun. Most of my evenings for the past month has been spent doing that.

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Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my blog site. I’m pretty excited to put up my new site. I hope to use this site to publish my portfolio, share my ideas, express my thoughts, discuss things that I am learning, and hopefully, get to interact with others through your comments and respective blogs! My hope is that persons with similar interests, and even those with differing points of view will take the time to express their thoughts in their responses to any posts and articles that I would publish. I intend to add some more content in the next few days. Thanks for visiting. God Bless.