Joomla Module – Easy File Uploader

Easy File Uploader

Copyright: Michael A. Gilkes License: GNU/GPL v2

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  • Joomla 1.5 or 1.7 or 2.5
  • PHP 5.3+

Urgent Notice:

Version 2.0 maintains Security Release status. If you use a version earlier than 0.6, you need to upgrade immediately. See changelog.txt for change log details.


This is a flexible file upload module. It allows the administrator to specify a destination folder, and allows the user to upload files to it. The administrator can also specify how many files that can be uploaded simultaneously, as well as the text in the front end. You can even have more then one module of its kind on the same page.

Download (Valor Apps):

Main features:

  • Upload files to a specified folder in the root directory.
  • Specify the maximum file size permitted to tbe uploaded.
  • Specify the types of files, by MIME type, that are permitted.
  • Customize the upload label and submit button texts.
  • Specify the background color of the results block to match your theme.
  • Upload multiple files simultaneously (Up to a maximum of 10)
  • Customize your front end text
  • Customize your file input variable, which allows to have multiple modules on a single page
  • Provide the front-end user with the option to replace existing files on upload
  • Option to save files in username subfolders
  • Displays MIME Detection Compatibility in Module Manager

Known Issues:

This module is designed to work on PHP 5.3+. If you have an earlier version of PHP, it should still work but you may encounter issues with detecting the MIME type of the uploaded file. This depends on your server setup, as it should work fine if PHP is allowed to call the exec function. See the support site for further details and considerations.

Support and Documentation:

Feel free to visit my forum for online support. You may also contact me via the Valor Apps Contact Page

Please visit the digital store for documentation:


  • Jeff Channell – providing the code fix for the MIME type tamper vulnerability


No file was selected when browse was clicked. Shows the return code error.

This is an example of a successful file upload.

The result of an attempt to upload a file whose type is not permitted.

Example of specifying 4 multiple files, and the option to rewrite


Please do not post problems here. I have a support site setup for answering any and all issues that you experience when using the extensions. Go to:

106 Responses to “Joomla Module – Easy File Uploader”

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HI… firstly, what a great extension. It is almost perfect for my specific needs and the few issues I have encountered were quickly resolved by searching your support forum.
I have a question however and the registration process on your support forum does not seem to work. I have attempted to register two separate accounts with different emails but haven’t received any confirmation emails yet, so I am unable to use the forum.

I would simply like to add a script to redirect the user to a new page once the php process for upload completes and the results have been shown.

I have tried to do this myself, but have been unsuccessful thus far… this is simply because I am not very experienced with php.

Could you possibly help me or point me in the right direction?

Kind Regards,

I am using php 5.4.7 and still get this message and (probably) therefore cannot upload files ..
PHP Version: 5.4.7.


mime_content_type doesn’t exist.

This is Windows OS: WINNT.

@Goran. Please check the FAQ on how to enable mime detection on windows. If you need further assistance, please use the support forum.

Hi, My php version is 5.2.6. I can’t use the module. Do you have other module supporting 5.2.6? or I have to update my php version is 5.3+. Can you advise me how to update php version? However, error show that PHP
Version: 5.2.6.


mime_content_type doesn’t exist.

This is Windows OS: WINNT.

What should I do?

@Saranyoo. Thanks for posting. It is best to update to PHP 5.3 or higher. This will give you the best results. Your web hosting company should have a way to upgrade your PHP version either through your hosting control panel or by request. I do have an FAQ about enabling mime detection in Windows Server. If you need any further assistance, either email me, or post to the support forum.

Hi,How are you there, I want to use your script in my website but is there a possibility that when user upload the file then I also get intimation by email about file. I have translation business so want user can upload translation files on front end for which i receive email and translate the document. please advise .. regards, Ahmad

@ahmad. Easy Flash Uploader provides this functionality.

Hello, thank you for this module. It’s very usefull for me

You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with your blog.

I have just uploaded Easy File Uploader…..delightfully easy and effective, especially for a newbie.

One thought for future updates……an email notification option for when a file is uploaded would be really useful.

@chris. Thanks for your support. Easy File Uploader does not come with that functionality. However, Easy Flash Uploader does come with the ability to send an email notification. Check it out:

Great Module. We’ve tested it. It works very well.

Heeey !
Im looking for an extension that members/guests could upload .jpeg/photo with text and after uploading it should go to admin i mean admin must check that can u help me with that??
Thanks from Asia!!!!!!

Is there a way to be alerted when a file gets uploaded?

@Greg. This feature is available in Easy Flash Uploader.


is it possible to upload to an external ftp server?

@christoph. Thanks for posting. Currently, it is only set up to the used on the Joomla site it is installed at. It does not upload to an external server.

thanks for module

pls can i use this extension to upload mp3 files and make it available for download by linking to it on an article at d front end

I’m trying to upload a 24bit wav file and just get a ‘ERROR: The uploaded file type ()is not permitted.’
16 bit files work… Is there an solution to this that don’t permit all files?

@Johannes. From what you describe, this is a mime detection issue. You can find support for this and other issues at the support site. Just create a topic there describing your issue in detail. Please list your OS, Joomla version, and PHP version. Also, please include the diagnostic information from the module manager that lists which mime detection functions are available on your system.

Hi Michael, I was looking for a file up-loader extension which could allow the guests/members of my site to upload *.doc/*.pdf files and select a category while uploading.

Once uploaded it would create an article to the assigned categories.

Can you suggest me anything please? I’m stuck.


@Imran. I don’t think you’ll find any extensions that do all those things automatically. There are a number of technical reasons why that is not a simple thing to do. However, I offer two extensions that all you to upload files to a folder. However, they don’t do anything else. Hope this helps.

Hi! I want to upload only sgf-files (*.sgf) for the go-diagrams. How it make?

Best regards from Bulgaria! 🙂

@Konstantin. Check this link:

Also, please use the support site for further help:

Hello, thank you for this module. It’s very usefull for me. I have two questions regarding its work:
1. Currently my module is placed at the bottom of the page. When someone uploads file he moves to the top of the same page and doesn’t see information message about uploading status until he scroll down the page to the bottom. Can I somehow customize this module to show information message at the top of the article?
2. Buttons “Choose file” and “Upload file” have different styles on my site. How I can make for them the same style?

@Alexey. Thanks for using my module and for your questions.
1. I don’t quite understand what you want here, since you can easily add your own notice text to your article to let your visitors/users know what to do.
2. You would have to edit the default.php file in the tmpl subfolder. You can either add a class to the input[type=”submit”] button there, or place inline css. It’s up to you.

For further assistance, please go to the support site:

Warning: escapeshellarg() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/modules/mod_easyfileuploader/helper.php on line 170

Warning: escapeshellarg() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/modules/mod_easyfileuploader/helper.php on line 170

Please help me?
i’m using joomla 1.5

@Dab. Please post your problem at the support site. The website is not for providing support. Go to:

Is there a way to allow users to choose the folder in the frontend? Thanks

@Trevor. thanks for your question. Currently, that feature doesn’t exist in the module. However, you are free to edit the code of the module to do that. If more people ask for it, I may include it in my next update. Please visit the support site to make suggestions:

I want that too! This extension is amazing and easy to use, but I got two issues:
1. People cant choose a folder by themselves
2. It’s not possible to upload an image to a subfolder (or is it?)

Hi Michael,

Thanks for this nice module. My english is not so good i hope i you can understand my message. When I upload a file then I can’t delete the file and the map on my server. Can you how this comes?
Did you have a module what I can use on my site to see the files in the maps.

Thankx from the Netherlands

@Wil. Thanks for posting. My module do not permit deleting of files on the server.

after using your extension and replace an article I get the following error.
Can you help me?

Fred Wormsbecher

Warning: Missing argument 4 for modEasyFileUploaderHelper::storeUploadedFile(), called in C:\xampp\htdocs\biz-fpcomputers\modules\mod_easyfileuploader\helper.php on line 96 and defined in C:\xampp\htdocs\biz-fpcomputers\modules\mod_easyfileuploader\helper.php on line 194

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\biz-fpcomputers\modules\mod_easyfileuploader\helper.php on line 197

Thanks Fred. I just checked and there is indeed an error in the code for version 1.0. I’ll release an updated version with the fix this afternoon.

Hi Michael,
I am trying your Easy File Uploader module.
What I need is a way to send files into my FTP server. Do you think you could help me?


@Marco. Thanks for your interest in my module. You can easily try the easy file uploader module. It’s free for you to use to see if it meets your needs. If you are looking for an FTP client, you can try FireFTP Add-on for Firefox, or, my personal favorite, FileZilla. Both are free for use. Hope this helps. If you have any questions about my module, please visit my support site:

I got everything set up well, but I am a bit confused about how to save the files to the correct format?

I will be uploading JPG files. How do I save a jpg so its ready for upload?

Thanks for your time.


This looks great!!! Just what I am looking for. Will it be joomla 1.7 ready anytime soon? I need my site members to be able to send large photo files. Will this work as is for 1.7?or not yet?

@nick. It should work on Joomla 1.7 as is. Most of my extensions are scheduled for an update sometime next month. Please don’t hesitate to use the 1.6 edition on Joomla 1.7.

I want to be able to upload video and audio files, I guess up to 60 megabytes each.
wmv,wma,avi,mov,divx,mp4,mp3 Can this module do this If so, I will gladly pay, donate… Please inform,

In my module I have,

If you could tell me exactly what I need to make it upload the extensions I want, OMG, would be so awesome! Thanks.

@just_me. Thanks for using my module. Please take a look at the following site for the correct mime types for the files you want to upload:

So, for example, looking at that page, if you want to upload *.mov files, you just have to add “video/quicktime” to the list, separated by semi-colon, of course.

Hope this helps.

thank you for module! It’s super! with all vallidations. welldone

Great Module!

One problem I have is that I do not get a dropdown selection to choose the upload folder. It’s kind of a minimized box with one empty dropdown option.
It puts my uploaded files into the images directory, but it can’t see the sub directories. Any ideas?

I’m on Joomla 1.6


@alan. Thanks. Please use the support forum to get help for problems.

No worries I found a good solution.

Great software! Thanks.

Hi Michael!
Can you please tell me if it is possible for the uploader to post a comment with the upload?

@Paul. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it currently is not possible to post a comment with an upload.

May I know how to use your module in admin instead of front-end?

Soory may be this is joomla’s question but I dont know how to do it


@Ahwong. Thanks for using my module. In all honesty, I don’t know the answer to that question.

I keep getting ERROR: The uploaded file type is not permitted. Regardless of what type of file I am trying to upload?

@Cory. Thanks for using my module. Please visit the support site: There are a number of topics that have dealt with this particular issue. Thanks.

I had trouble getting this to work on a WAMP server. Make sure you check your php settings and that the “fileinfo” module is enabled. You can do this right from the WAMP icon in the lower right of the screen.

I use WAMP for testing, linux for production. It sure would be nice if extensions worked in both out of the box!!

Nice and simple module. I am amazed that a “content management system” provide no easy way for users to upload content!


i would like to know if i want to use the same module in the same website, how do i direct the uploader to a specified folder?

for example, i want to upload “triple.pdf” to a “\Triple-folder\2011”. and another file “double.pdf” to “\Double-folder\2011”.

if i change the path in the “helper.php”, all the list will change too. do help. TQVM

wa oh, what a great. my problem is i cant upload file. when i try to uplaod file(jpeg, zip,png, msword) it gives an error;file not permited. please help me

@ujah. I would love to help you. Please visit the support site:, and please post a description of your problem as well as your version of PHP, your server OS (Linux, or Windows, etc.), the version of the module you use, as well as your version of Joomla. Thanks.

the extension is perfect! the SIMPLICITY is all i need for my website as it requires a simple file upload by the users.

Though there is 1 problem earlier [that i managed to solved] with the Permitted file types. I just need to change the “filetypes” on line 118 in helper.php from “*” to the types that i want to allowed. I did changed in the GUI but no effects. After the changes made in the file itself then it works!

Anyway, really appreciate this module..

hi… again,

i’m wondering do you provide another module for listing the files in the directory after it has been uploaded??

Yes. here.

thanks man… really appreciate it

Hi and tks a lot for this module … I’d like to know if it is possible to determine the destination folder according to a login process ?
User 1 -> upload to folder 1
User 2 -> upload to folder 2
etc …

tks a lot


hi michael!

nice module! anyways – a upload progress bar would be really great. people get confused uploading larger files without any status display.

but cool stuff! keep on developing!

regards from vienna in austria

Thanks Paul!

FYI: If you want a progress bar then you might be more interested in my Easy Flash Uploader plugin. Check it out! I’ll be posting the latest version by the end of the day today.

I’m not a programmer, and I like what I see most of it makes sense to me. I have one question though. I want users (artists) to be able to upload their mp3’s to my site for inclusion in my station(s) broadcasts. I’m not sure what the ?????/mp3 should be.

Hi Robert,
You can find that MIME type information here:


We’re having some trouble with uploading large files. Php.ini upload size is sufficiently big as well as the permitted file size in the module it self. The mimetypes are also set correctly. The files seem to upload, but no feedback is provided and the file does not show up in the upload directory. We are using version 0.6 of the module

Hi. Thanks for using my module. I would need some more information to be able to help you. Could you go to my support site and create a topic, so that we can continue to discuss it there?

I used your extension on the reckless side and got my site hacked.

The only flaw was that there is no captcha for it. I also made it available to non-registered members of my site and increased the file size permission for large pictures and movies. This got my site hacked. It would be better if I could have chosen another directory for the uploads.

So the lesson learned?
1)great extension but vulnerable without captcha
2)don’t let non-members access it
3)keep file size permissions low

For the whole gory story see:


Hi rustyDusty,

I updated the module to version 0.6 and have fixed the MIME type tamper vulnerability that made it easy for hackers to exploit your site. Thanks for sharing your experience with me so that I could make the module better for all users. 🙂


I just installed and tested the module and it works fine.
However I can’t seem to be able to upload *.docx files.
The old Word extension (doc) goes through just fine.

Is there any way I can get this going?


Hi Gerrit,

I think what you have to do is add the correct MIME type. Check out this link for the MIME type for MS Office files:

Hope this helps. Let me know if it works out.

Thanks Michael, great module (Easy File Uploader). I can get everything to work except uploading PDF files. Every time I try to upload a PDF I get an error message file type not permitted. PDF file type is added within the module. Any idea? I have tried 10k files up to a 6mb one but PDF files will not upload.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for using my module. I hope it serves you well.

As for the pdf issue. That’s the first time that I’ve heard of there being a problem. All you need to do is specify the mime type: application/pdf in the list, and that’s it. If you could post the exact error message it says. I would appreciate it. If you want to have a longer discussion about it, you can post your situation at my support forum:

The exact error message is “ERROR: The uploaded file type , , is not permitted.” So now it’s the second time you’ve heard of this LOL. 🙂

I have the exact same issue: PDFs will not upload. I tried setting via Admin the default folder to one I created; I tried using Media Manager’s “stories”. No luck. I also changed the ONLY MIME type to application/pdf after failure with default.

A thought that I’ll try next: I don’t know for sure that this works at all with other filetypes; I’ve only tried PDFs!

Follow-up: I don’t think it’s PDFs. I allowed for MIME of image/jpeg, and tried uploading a .jpg. When I uploaded the 1.5 Mb, the page churned for a while before receiving that error. When I uploaded a 20 Kb jpg, there was almost no churn, then that error. So, I’m thinking that the files are indeed uploading, but that the problem is with the final save.

Thanks for using my module. This issue is currently being addressed at my support site:

From what I can tell, this issue is occurring with PHP versions that are less than version 5.3. Basically, the reason is that the earlier versions of PHP don’t support MIME type testing out the box, and the methods that the module uses to test the MIME type in those versions rely on whether you host server is allowed to call exec(‘file -ib’), which is a UNIX command.

Oh, there is a known syntax error on line 113 of the helper.php file of version 0.6 of the module, where $valid is spelled $vaild, by mistake. The next release fill have all the fixes. But, you can quickly change it.

Don’t want to sound like the village idiot here, but….where is it? Got it installed and set up just fine, but don’t see anything anywhere like your screen shots above. I’m sure I’m missing the simplest of things. Thanks

Fantastic work. A few thoughts:
a) I agree with previous suggestions: it would be nice to have an email sent out to a hardwired address in the module configuration e.g.:
[x] files, total [y] MB submitted on [datetime]

b) Is there a way to add a captcha to avoid someone uploading files until they fill up the hard drive?

c) is there a way to control the width of the file dialog box?

d) My php.ini is set at upload_max_filesize = 200M and the module at 250000000. I can upload a 6MB zip file no problem, but not a 14MB. No error is shown, the page return with the fields blanked out.
On one machine the page comes back after just a few seconds and on another after a few minutes.


Hi there,

Is it possible that the administrator gets an email if a user uploaded some files? That would be awesome.

I am trying to get this wonderful module to work on these pages
Yet when i try i get this message.
Invalid token or session time-out.
I must be doing something wrong, any advice?
Thank you.

Hi Glenn,
That’s the first time I have ever heard of that error. I will have to do some research. However, could you check your php log file, and let me know what it says.

It’s really a nice tools, thx Michael.

I would like reply on inquiry sent by “Haitham”

“2. Is there a way to add something to the file name when saving it such as user name or page name or date for example?”

In my case I add following change to “modules\Easy File uploader\helper.php” in order to add connected user name to the name file.

I add the following in line 66

// ArtdigiPrint : Add connected user name to the file name
$user = &JFactory::getuser();
$file_name_temp = $user->username.”_”.$_FILES[$params->get(‘efu_variable’)][“name”][$i];

I made also some French localisation in the same file.
Hopping it can help.

Now I’m looking for a way to send an automatic mail to the admin in order to inform that a new file is present on server.
Does anyone have an idea how to do it?


i have joomla 1.5 and i dont see a position x_load what do i do

Hi Denzel,
The position, “x_load”, does not exist. It is an arbitrary or fictious position. Basically, it’s a position that I made up. The way this works is that you have to create your own position. You can call it whatever you like. Just type in a position in the positions list and save the module, and the position will then exist.

Do you understand now?


Forget about my last post. Now I understand what happens. As I configured the extension to let upload up to 5 files, if someone uploads only one file, the other four options generate the mentioned error, which in fact is not an error but just a kind of status message.


Hi Michael:

Thanks a lot for this great extension. Everything worked fine until I tryed to add some additional extensions (probably the wrong way), and now I always get this error:

No file was uploadedReturn Code: 4

Some files are uploaded and some are not, but the message appears always, no matter if the file was upladed.

I set the mime types to the default but the error is still there.

Do you have any suggestion to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Michael
Does Easy Upload set a file upload limit?
I tested the module with success on small files however my colleague’s uploaded Zip file (much larger 100+Mb) seemed to upload but didnt appear in the upload folder.
Please advise.
Kind regards

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for using my module! There is no file upload limit setting in my module. What determines the file limit upload is the UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE that is set in your php.ini file. So, you need to check your hosting company’s php settings. Also, if the module should show an error message if it exceeds this file size.

Hope this helps.

Hello Mike,
I have put your module on my site and it does what is says.
I do have a question.
Will you be notified if somebody uploads a file?
I have uploaded a couple of testfiles but I can’t see them although I got an ok for the upload. Do you know how this is possible?

Kind regards

Can’t the pictures/images be rated? eg like 5 star ratings


Will like to donate, but i don’t have a paypal. if you have liberty reserve account i’ll like to show appreciation there.


tested the module and it worked fine. however, how can i customize my own successful page. wouldn’t want users to see the folder/directory it was uploaded, all they should know is that their upload was successful.

and pls how can i retrieve the uploaded files?

i’d be glad to make a donation in liberty reserve though

Hi Chidi,
Thanks for using my module.
First, to retrieve the uploaded files you can use my Easy Folder Listing module to do that.
Second, to edit the successful notice, you have to edit the helper.php file. Go to the function named: storeUploadedFile. Then comment out (by placing ‘//’ at the beginning of the line) which lines you don’t want to display. You can comment out lines 114 to 118. It will only show the line, “Upload was successful.”.
Hope this helps. Sorry for taking so long to respond. All the best.

hi there,

i really really love this module…this is exactly what i need to into my site.

but i have few question, how do i set the default folder to which my users will upload their photos to a subfolder of the default folder?

let say instead of images/stories
i want my users to upload their photos to images/stories/subfolder

Hi psynx,
Thanks for using my module.
Sorry for taking so long to respond. Unfortunately, the current version can only save in specified folders in the images folders. The next upgrade will have unlimited sub-folder options.

Hi, I’m using your module to upload mpeg files to a music directory on my server. This catalog is being read by a mp3 browser plugin. The mp3browser is displayed in an article, and the uploader accompanies it in a module.

problem 1: upload files get permission 600, which makes them unreadble for mp3browser – I have to manually change the permissions to 644.

problem 2: after a succesful upload (and a manual file permission change), I will have to reread my mp3browser page to get it to display all mp3files in the directory. Now the problem is that the module tries to upload the same file once more. How can I “reset” or clear the uploader after a succesful upload?

finally I will give you credit for your efforts – very nice work 🙂


Just installed your upload module and I love the simplicity of use!
A few things come to mind that would make it more applicable and universal in application for complex community sites without too much fuss I think.
1] Instead of the “select folder” drop down allow users to input the folder path so that they can maintian any folder structure that is deeper than just the images folder root.
ie: /images/site/general/specific/file.jpg
2] That The module can be employed in a multiple way so that each page can have a unique folder destination
ie: /images/site/general/specific02/file02.jpg

possibly creating a profile creation system then by using this profile to facilitate module insertion.

Alternatively for ease show how to upload/install the same module but giving it a different module title.

Ending up with a similar situation employed by the menu manager.
easy uploader 01
easy uploader 02 etc etc
1] instead of drop down folder list a input field for folder destination

2] mulitple instances of the module inthe module manager
thanks though, fantastic module…..

Hello! Im using the uploader for overseas image uploads. I have installed and the module works when i add a couple of images but when i add a compressed file like a winrar from windows it tells me…..

Return Code: 1
The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

I went to the global config of joomla and changed the max file size and also in the module aswell.

Can anyone help with this/ Otherwise the module works good with only a small image.

Hi Armando,

Thanks for using my Easy File Uploader module.

The issue you are having can only be fixed if you edit the php.ini file for your web server. You can find out what the current value for upoad_max_filesize is by opening up a php file that calls the “phpinfo()” function. However, to change it you must alter your server’s php.ini file. If you do not manage your own web server, you may have to ask your hosting company to change the value for you. The value in the php.ini file overrides the max file size value in joomla and the module.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mike.
the easy file uploader is great. I love the way it can be translated and configured very easily.

However, I think it lacks two important things:

1. a status bar of the upload (overall and per file)
2. A confirmation once the file(s) has been uploaded.

From a users point of view, it never really clear if the file has successfully been uploaded or whether the website just got stuck or frozen.

Could you consider implementing these improvements in exchange of a donation?

Many thanks,

hi Michael

I like your module but I have couple of questions:

1. How can I use it in different pages and each page will upload to a different folder?

2. Is there a way to add something to the file name when saving it such as user name or page name or date for example?

Thank you very much.

Hi Haitham,

Thanks for your comments. To answer your questions, follow my responses below:
1. To use it on different pages to upload to a different folder, just go to the module manager, and create multiple instances of the module, one for each article page, each of them with different arbitrary positions, and specifying different upload folders. Then create individual article pages corresponding to each module that you create.
2. No, there isn’t a way to add something to the file name to make it a different file name when you upload it. You would have had to rename the file before you upload it.

I hope this helps.
Best Regards

hi Michael

i saw your extension on JED, and for me is this perfect.

but i have a problem. i want to use it for different folders.
so i have copied this module, without any problem. but if i chose the same file in both modules (for different folders),i’m get a error message, that this picture already exist. but the error message is displayed on the other module. the upload is absolutly correct. just the error message is wrong.

and a question. do you see the possibility to make an upload with more then one file at the same time in the future?

nice greetings from the sunny switzerland.

Hi Tinu,
Thanks for using my module. I am glad that it helps you. I would love to help you solve your problem.
So, basically, you made two different modules, each specifying a different folder to upload files to. Well, if you have both modules showing on the same page (or article, in joomla terminology), the image will be automatically uploaded to both locations then the first module displayed will move the file from its temporary location, even if you clicked on the upload button for the second one on the page. You may have to give each module its own article. I would like to see a screenshot of your problem, though. That way, I can better address your exact issue. I hope my explanation helps.
As for multiple files, I think that that is a great idea for the next revision. I will start working on it soon.
Thanks a bunch.
Please feel free to email me.

Great module it is. Also, this file unloader has great features. Really very use to upload all the joomla files to our own sites.

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