Joomla Plugin – Easy Folder Listing Pro

Easy Folder Listing Pro

Copyright: Michael A. Gilkes
License: GNU/GPL v2

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Minimum Requirements:

  • Joomla 1.5 or 1.7 or 2.5
  • Mootools 1.2.5
  • PHP 5.2+


This is a flexible, simple-to-use plugin that is used to list the contents of any folder in either a table or a list. The folder listing can display the filename, with or without the extension, with or without the date modified and file size, as well as a icon representing the file type. It has the feature of allowing the user to specify whether the filename listed should be linked or not.

This plugin has the additional feature that allows for displaying subfolders and viewing the contents of subfolders as well. The user can also click on subfolder name to show or hide its contents The action to show or hide the contents is animated via Mootools. For table display, the administrator can specify the text headings for the columns as well.


Thanks for your interest in Easy Folder Listing Pro. Please visit the secure online store at Valor Apps to make your purchase.

New Features in this version:

  • Revamped Javascript. Now using Mootools instead of jQuery
  • New options for handling utf-8 characters
  • Table now acts like a folder tree with fully collapsable nested subfolders, just like the unordered list
  • Optimized code structure to run more efficiently
  • Included Language files to handle multi-languages
  • Optimized backslash handling for Windows installations
  • Single installation for ALL supported Joomla versions
  • Improve Date sorting
  • Sort Filenames by Natural Order
  • Media files are now kept in media folder instead of plugins folder
  • Improved download script
  • Cursor changes when hover over subfolder
  • Changed Color picker to MooRainbow
  • Added file preview in Modal pop-up using Google Docs Viewer
  • Added button to Collapse or Expand All rows

Main features:

  • List files in any specified folder
  • Each instance of the plugin on the page can have its own custom parameter set
  • 46 Parameters are customizable per instance
  • Option to override all styles via style sheet editing
  • Show icons for file types
  • List files in either a table or a unordered list
  • Sorting in Acsending or Descening order, by filename, date modified or file size
  • Option to show/hide size, date, or date and time of the files
  • Option to link to the files or not
  • Option to specify a list of file types that should not be listed
  • Option to specify a list of file types that will only be listed
  • Color scheme of the table rows and border can be customized
  • Specify the maximum subfolder level to explore
  • Option to show subfolders
  • Collapse or Reveal all subfolder listings
  • Specify transtion type, easing and duration of subfolder sections animation
  • Specify the text to display for an empty folder
  • Specify the table headings text
  • Customize the date and time format to be displayed
  • Specify the list bullet style
  • Exclude specific files or folders from the listing
  • Option to show/hide empty folder text
  • Option to force download files
  • Option to enforce UTF-8 charset via header or meta tag
  • User can interactively filter/search listing!
  • Plugin Manager colors available through custom Color Picker

Demo Site:

Please feel free to check out the demo of the plugin at my demo site.

Support and Documentation:

Feel free to visit my forum for online support. You may also contact me via the Valor Apps Contact Page

Please visit the digital store for documentation:



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Is there a way that I can try this extension in the back-end too before buying it?

I would like to connect every user to his own folder (and files). Is that possible? And does Easy Folder Listing Pro work well in Joomla 3.0?

Great Plugin. Quick question. I am trying to implement two separate articles that will list two different folders of files. But it seems I am only allowed to have one path that’s set in the plugin. Is this the case? I purchased the pro version thinking I would be able to set up a few different articles with a few different lists.

@Dennis. Please have a look at the FAQ. This question has also been answered several times at the support site. You can also reference the documentation, either through the help icon in the Plugins Manager or directly from the website. The documentation explains how to use parameters to do this.

I have read th FAQ, official documentation and several posts on the support forum.

It is said that you can under Joomla, you can install multiple instanaces. However, this is true for modules, but not the plugins. I have an urgent need to use the Easy Folder listing Pro I purchased in a second article with a second set of folders.

@Anne-Marie. Thanks for posting. There are several posts in the support forum that explain how to use the plugin. However, Joomla content plugins work very differently to Joomla modules. Joomla content plugins work by using shortcodes in the article content. If you want more than one listing, all you need to do is to place more than one shortcode in the article. You may override any parameter, by adding it as an attribute. The list of possible parameters you can use is specified in the documentation on the website. There is an example of this in the FAQ as well.

Excellent – works perfectly!

I have used this product in 1.5 and it works well but, I’m now testing it in 2.5 and the embedded parameters {parameters’…’|} will not override the parameters set in the plug-in. So no matter what folder I designate between the {} I always see the folder defined in the plug-in screen.

What can I try that I may have missed?

@Chuck. Thanks for posting. Please have a look at the documentation for guidance. If you need assistance, please post on the support forum. I would be more than happy to assist you when you are ready.

I tried to register for support forum but I don’t receive any emails. So I purchase Pro version and just downloaded Joomla 3.0 version today. I works great except one small issue that may be a perameter that isn’t working.

I’ve tried to change path for files folder but no matter what I put – folder=’images/banners’ or folder=’layouts’ it still displays default folder starting with images. Can you help please?

Ok so I’ve figured it out. There may be a but when you add more than 1 plugin to the same page.

When I use folder parameter by itself within one article it works fine. It even works with multiple ones with different main folders.

However when you link to a subfolder with multiple plugin {} on an article the subfolder it displays default images folder and all contents.

So using folder=’images’ and folder1=’images/banners’ in the same article will display the very same content. The 2nd item (folder1) will not just display files within banner folder.

I liked the Easy Folder Listing 2.5.4 (joomla 3.0) that I purchased the pro version. I didn’t realize that it was only 2.5 compatible. Is the new one ready yet? I see you have been talking to Michael about its completion.

@Tim. Thanks for asking. I am pretty much finished updating it. I am just doing my final rounds of testing. I will release it tomorrow.

Hi Michael,
I have V0.5 of EasyFolderListingPro
I find it very useful !
Two questions:
1) How do I upgrade to the lastest version
2) Is it possible to sort sub-folders by their names in a descending order?

Thanks for a great plug in.

Hi Michael,
I have been trying Easy Folder Listing 2.5.4 with Joomla 3.0 and found it to be useful. Except for the fact, that I really want to display subfolder contents, something that apparently only the Pro version offers. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the Pro version, but is it already compatible with Joomla 3.0? If not: any prospects?
Thanks in advance!

@Claudio. Thanks for posting. I am actually working on the next release which will be Joomla 3.0 compatible. It should be ready by the end of this week, or sooner.

Hi Michael
got so caught up in easy folder listing that i ordered pro without realizing it was not ready for Joomla 3. Please let me know when the next release is ready (be happy to test it also). thank you, dave

@dave. Thanks for posting! I am pretty much finished updating the new version for Easy Folder Listing Pro. I just have to run some more tests to make sure everything works. This new version is due to be released in a couple days, and it will be Joomla 3.0 ready! It is a free upgrade for users of the current version. Thanks for your support! Please check the website in a couple days… maybe by Tuesday, or Wednesday the latest.

Hi! I’m desperatly looking for some news: when will Easy Folder Listing be available for Joomla 3.0? Thanks in advance!

@Jack Smith. Thanks for your question. I just released Easy Folder Listing version 2.5 at the Valor Apps. Check it out:

do i need to install this plugin just to try it? it asks for login details . .

@sedfrey. Thanks for posting. I don’t know what you are referring to when you say it asks for login details. If you want to see the plugin in action, you can reference the demo site: and click on the link on the upper left hand side under MAIN MENU. You don’t need to login for that.

I would like to purchase this plugin but before I do, I have some questions. I need to use many variations of it on the same site. I assume it can act as a module and be customized for each instance of its use?

Also, when the filenames are displayed, i have to use images for the filename rather than text. The reason for this is that there are many languages and rather than trying to interpret characters, the client thought it best to use images for the file titles. I can make the icon and the filename all one image if that helps but I need to know if this is possible. There will be many of them on the site.

Lastly, is the whole thing customizeable with CSS as I have a unique layout required.

Thanks for your help.

@Stacey. Thanks for your interest in my plugin. To answer your questions:

  1. Yes. Any plugin can act as a plugin, and also be used as a module with the use of the Custom HTML module, as a wrapper.
  2. No. Currently, Easy Folder Listing Pro does not support images for file names out of the box. You would have to customize it yourself to get that feature. However, before the end of May 2012, hopefully, I will release a new component that will allow that.
  3. Yes. You can easily customize the entire list/table using CSS.

If you have any further questions, please visit the support site.


I am trying to insert the code in different articles to display different folders. Please how do I proceed? Is there any documentation for this? Much appreciated.

@george. Thanks for your question. See the following links for how to use the plugin:

Essentially, each instance can point to a different folder, and you can have multiple folders on multiple pages. See the documentation for details:

I purchased the plugin and am liking it so far. It would be GREAT if you could implement a way to limit subfolders using Joomla 1.7’s ACL!

Fantastic plugin. But the collapse folders doens’t work. I’m use it on joomla 1.7.4.

@Benoit. Thanks for your comments. Collapse folders work as they are designed to work. However, in version 1.5 and earlier, in table view the nested subfolders aren’t hidden, but their contents are. In list view, the nested subfolders are hidden. In version 2.0 this will be changed.

Hi, Thanks for this plugin. It work perfectly.
It’ a very great plugin.
But i need more somes functionalitie’s.
I need to sort ascendant or descendant folder’s not only files!
I need also exclude folder like a file with a wildcart! (ex : *__* if i have 2 underscrore in my folder name –> exclude)

Hi, I have uploaded my pdf files in /images/forms/(subfolders) subfolders means different folders. I want show files in different subfolders in different articles. when I try to list all the folders show up. How can I show only selected folder in an article? thanx

@ahmed. Thanks for your question. However, you will need to visit my support site for your answer:

Please create a topic post at the support site.

Will I be able to preview in a lightbox/zoombox rather than in a new window?

@Boban. Thanks for your question. The current version, 1.5, doesn’t have this feature. However, this feature is scheduled for the next version, 2.0. Hopefully, this will be released by the end of January 2012.

I have been using the “Easy Folder Listing Pro” for some time and it works perfectly. At the start I encountered a small problem as the test site runs on a Windows server, the production site on a Linux server. Support was perfect. Thanks.
Ps not using “Easy Folder Listing Pro” on my personal site.

When using Firefox the URL is formatted with a number of backslashes instead of forward slashes and this stops the link from working. IE works properly with the same code.

Can you please help?

This is the code im using:

{easyfolderlistingpro ‘folder=images/sales/doco/seasonal-order-forms/’ | ‘subfolders=1’ | ‘showempty=0’ | ‘icons=1’ | ‘extensions=1’ | ‘collapse=0’}

This is the URL when using Firefox (see the back slashes):\sales\doco\seasonal-order-forms\Summer 2011\New Zealand/order

This is the URL when using IE (all forward slashes): 2011/New Zealand/order

Thanks in advance.

@Jason. Please have a look at my support site:

And the code you should be using is (note where the single quotes are placed):

{easyfolderlistingpro folder='images/sales/doco/seasonal-order-forms/' | subfolders='1' | ‘showempty='0' | icons='1' | extensions='1' | collapse='0'}

Thanks Michael – Problem Solved

I bought the pro version of this plugin but the folders and files don’t show up in the joomla default search… any ideas??


@jonathan. The default search would search the site for content in an article, which is stored in the database. However, because the folders and files are only rendered when then page is displayed, then the search won’t find them.

I have question about plugin “Easy folder Listion pro”

1. plugin can support language “tis 620” ?
2. if plugin support .How to set up it?

@Tiger. Thanks for your questions.

1. The current version does not have good language support. The next release, which may be released in December, will have better language support. As for support for the Thai Language, TIS-620, I really can’t say. Once I release the next version, I will be happy to work with you to get everything working for TIS-620. However, please note that I will add language support for the FREE Easy Folder Listing module first, so you can test it out there to see if you can get it to work and then it we can get it to work for that, then it will work for the plugin.

2. (I think I answered this above.)

Please use the support site for further inquiries:

Is this extension user specific? For example, I have 5 users, I want them to see their individual files, etc and nothing else.

@Sudeep. Thanks for your question. Out of the Box, the plugin is not setup to work that way. However, other users of the plugin have submitted code changes that would allow what you are asking. Please have a look at the contribution at my support site and you can determine if you if will suit your needs:

I have folders on my server where joomla is located which contain links to externally stored PDF files. Will Easy Folder Listing display the links and will they be executable to view the PDF files?

@bruce. I really can’t give you a guarantee of an answer to that question, whether positive or negative. However, I would encourage you to try my FREE Easy Folder Listing module to first see if it can list and linked files and view them, and if it can, then Easy Folder Listing Pro will work as well.

Hi Michael,

Before I buy your download extension, I just need to know whether it will easily allow me to set up the following:

I need to set it up so that each user has their own dedicated folder that only they can access, and they must be able to upload to this folder from the front-end of the site.

Please let me know if this is possible, thanks!

@Chris. Thanks for your awesome question. Currently, the plugin is not set up to do that. However, if you know how to program in PHP, you could easily accomplish this. One user did it for the module:

FYI, I hope to update the plugins before the end of the month. I have already planned to add that feature. So, if you are willing to wait, look out for an update in the coming weeks. Just follow me on twitter! If you need it right away, you should be able to code it up without much trouble. Hope this helps.

Hello, after reading the extension description I still can’t say if you added this functionality. Did you? This really is very usefull!

Can you make file downloads work from outside the joomla root?

I see it can list the files.



@Jason. in all honesty, i don’t know if it will work. However, if you edit the code to not prepend the link and folder location with the joomla site’s url, then it should work. What I recommend that you do is to download the free easy folder listing module, and edit that module to access the files outside of the joomla root, and if it works on the module, it will work on the plugin.

Hi. i cant get it to work with my joomla version 1.5. I cant see it in my Menu Item to put it in there. Can you help me please?

Hi Erik,

Please use the support site to get assistance with the plugin:

Plugins work differently to modules. You have to add them to the article, and then add the article as a menu item.

Your software works fine but I’ve only one problem.
I’m using your code in an article {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’dataroom/dela’}
I save my article and when published I always see on my page
I edit the article and in html I remove de code but when saved and refresh my page I see the code again at the bottom of the page.


@Fred. Please use my support site for assistance:

It would be useful to provide a link to your page with the listing so that we can understand/see exactly what you are referring to. It sounds like a WYSIWYG editor issue, though. BTW, Fred… aren’t you a veteran-user of this plugin?! Anyways… you know my email and support site.

Purchased it, now where do I download it?????

@Craig. Thanks for posting. The download email was sent to, but it was returned to me with the following notice: : host[] said: 550 Requested
action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I will resend it. Send me an email and let me know if you received it please.

Purchased the plug in today and is really good…but I have problem with download.
Save as or open in new widow works fine but with download button i get this error:
You don’t have permission to access /plugins/content/easyfolderlistingpro/download.php on this server.

Browser link looks like this:

Very strange.
I have problem with öäüÄÜÖ to.they are not shown
Can we solve this problems?
Thanks and greetings from Austria

@Cico. I would be happy to help you. However, could you please use the support forum to continue the conversation about your problem? Please go to and create a topic with what you post here, and we can continue to address the issue. Thanks.

This plugin is great – however!:

1) the “Collapse subfolders” and “Show subfolders” seem to be at odds with each other.

I would like my root folder to show only the sub-folders beneath it, and not all of the sub-sub-folders contained within each subfolder. There does not appear a way to do that. Either EVERY subfolder within a subfolder is shown or NONE are shown.

Is it not possible to only show the subfolders, and then expand that sub-folder to show what is contained within it (and not expand the subfolders contained within?) Basically mimicing the default behavior in Windows or Mac OS.

Otherwise, a great plugin – thanks.

@Roberto. Thanks for your comments and for using my plugin. Please ask for help at the support site:
However, just as a quick response to your question, you can easy set it to only show the first subfolder. You do this by changing the value of “Max Subfolder Level” in the Plugin Manager or “level=X” in the article, where X is a number. Also, you can exclude certain folders if you like by entering their names in “Excluded Folders” in the Plugin Manager, or “exfolders=’folder_name;another_folder'” in the article.

To mimic the behavior in Windows or Mac OS, change the “Display Method” from “table” to “list”.

Please continue this or any follow-up question at the support site.

2) when I click on a folder, the content is displayed. Now I click on another folder. Now I see the contents of both folders.
I would, however, that approaching the first folder automatically when I click the next folder.


My English is not so good. This entry was translated with Google.
I have bought “Pro Easy Folder Listing”. I would like

– do not display the subfolders at first. For example:
1.1 is a subfolder in the folder 1. First view shows only folder 1. After clicking it, the contents of one folder and
1.1 subfolders shown. Currently, at the first view one folder and its subfolders
1.1 to see directly.
I’ve been using the command
subfolder = ‘No’ and tries to collapse = ‘No’ is not. Not working.
The whole thing looks like this:
{easyfolderlistingpro date text = ‘Datum’ | text = file ‘Dateiname’ | text size = ‘Dateigroesse’ | time format = ‘Y.m.d’ | icons = ‘Yes’ | headcolor = ‘# b5b4b1’ | subcolor = ‘# ede5d2’ | oddcolor = ‘# E6E6E6’ | empty = ‘Keine Datei vorhanden! ‘| level = ‘5’ | subfolder = ‘No’ | folder = ‘images / vidroflor’}

Can you help me?

@Kami. Thanks for your question. Please use the support site for getting help:

Basically, don’t use ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Use 1 or 0. 1 = yes. 0 = no.

So, subfolder=’0’|collapse=’1′.

However, please repost your issue at the support forum for further help. Thanks.

Can you use a symbolic link as a source folder. I am getting error
JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder:

I am trying to share files among a couple of sub domains.

@paul. Well, as you can see it uses JFolder::folder function, which part of the Joomla framework. It uses the php function readdir. So, it all depends on what these functions allow. I haven’t tested it on symbolic links.

If you want to continue this discussion, please go to the support forum.

Michael: great Plug-in! I’m looking for an extension/plug-in that can serve more as a publications database, a bibliography. I’ve not found anything with the quality (and documentation) that Easy Folder Listing Pro offers. Would you know of any that would allow me to add fields (title, author(s), publisher, date of publication, abstract, …)?

@Roger. Thanks for using my plugin. You have an interesting question here. The Listing plugin wasn’t designed to list additional meta data like that. For something like that, it would be better to have some sort of component to manage that data as well as list the files. Maybe that would be a future project for me. To accomplish this with the existing plugin would probably require reading a metadata xml file. It would involve changing it quite a bit. It’s not the best approach.

I have tested the free version, looks very good.
I have two questions about the pay version.
I would like to choose the library in which I will save the uploaded file, can it?
Can you delete a file from within the folder listing?

@Jan. Thanks for your support. To answer your questions: 1. I am not sure what you mean by change the library. Could you explain? 2. There is no delete functionality at the moment for the listing plugin.

To have a more complete discussion about my extensions, please visit the support site:

What I mean is “the case file uploader”, when you upload a file, you can then choose which sub directory you should save the file in the web server. If you have the sub directory that I call 2010, 2011, 2012, you can then select which of these you should store in.
My English is not so good, so I hope you understand anyway.

strange… cant get it to work properly:

plugin settings:

folder images/SWP

But in an article

code: {easyfolderlistingpro}

result= ok

code: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’images’}

result = not ok, error Jpad…no folder..’images’

code: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’test’}

test is a map in de SWP folder

result= not ok, error Jpad no folder test

code{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’SWP/test’}

result= not ok, same error

code {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’images/SWP/test’}

result= not ok, same error

Hi Peter. That seems strange indeed. Could you visit the support site: so that I can better assist you with this situation? Thanks. Also, please tell me what version of Joomla and PHP you are using, as well as the plugin version. It would also be helpful, if I get either a screenshot of your problem, or a web address to the page that has the listing so that I could investigate it.

I am having the same issue as Peter. The folder parameter is giving me errors exactly like the above.

code: {easyfolderlistingpro}

‘files’ set as folder in plugin settings
result= ok

code: {easyfolderlistingpro folder=’files’}

result = JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: ‘files’

Is there a fix for this?

Great plugin by the way.


@Luke. Thanks for using my software. Peter’s issue was solved. It was an issue with the WYSIWYG editor. Please visit the support site for more details:

That was it. The JoomlaCK editor kept inserting the html characters. Had to switch to TinyMCE to get it to stick. Thanks.

Great application. It’s exactly what we needed and has saved us hours in posting PDF to our site. In addition, staff members with very limited knowledge of web development can easily post PDFs and links to the site. Thanks.

One issue we’re hoping you can help with: Once the PDFs are linked to the site, the resulting link cannot be found using the site’s search function. EXAMPLE: Searching for “City Charter” on won’t find the link on the City Clerk page labeled “City Charter.” Any ideas?

Look no further! This is the plugin you’ve been searching for. Performs exactly as advertised.

After trying 4 other similarly-purposed mods and plugs, this is by far the best. Easy Folder Listing Pro not only has more possible configurations, it actually looks better, too.

If you are here because you cannot imagine typing and linking dozens, if not hundreds, of folder and document links, then this is your answer.

As an additional benefit, the author has been tireless in his direct support in helping this newb get the right version!

Hi Michael
Check out how it came out Iam still working with the css from my template but its getting there.
Thanks vry6

Hi. Nice and easy plugin to use, however, is there a way to not display hidden files and folders?

I have a ton of hidden folders showing like:

And hidden files like:

and i’m sure others.

Can you assist?

Hi Buddy,

Thanks for purchasing and using my plugin. I can definitely assist you in both instances. Please have a look at my support site. I have posted a solution there that should be able to assist you. We can continue the conversation over there:

Hi Michael,

Sorry, I think I didn’t describe my issue very well (Dutch guy…) When I place the plugin in the content, it inherits the bullets from the template together with the bullets from the plugin. It’s a real bulletsparty so to say…Somehow I’m not able to disable the template’s bullets for the plugin so I can use the plugins bullets (or folderpics) which are way better looking.

And for the rating of JED, no stress, I’m about to contribute in the most positive way, it really is a very good plugin!!

Very best regards,


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for giving some more background. I don’t think I quite follow you, but maybe we can continue the discussion at my support site. Go there, and make a topic. I think you can post screenshot of the situation you have so that we can understand it better and work on it.

Hi Michael,

I just purchased your plugin and I have to say: It’s working brilliant!
Though there is a minor issue regarding the bullets and stylesheet. Somehow the plugin uses my standard bullets and I’m not able to disable these for the plugin. It looks a bit odd bullet – folder – foldername/filename.

Maybe you can give me a hint how to solve this riddle, I guess it’s a local issue concerning the template of my joomlasite….

Anyway, many thanks and best regards,


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for purchasing and using my plugin. I am glad that you are happy with how it is working for you. I hope you will give it a good rating at JED.

As to the bullets, you should be able to change them forcibly by editing the css file. Check out my support site:

Basically, though, you just have to put something like:

list-style-type: circle !important;

The important thing is the !important keyword that is placed at the end of the list-style-type declaration in the .eflpro_lists class selector declaration block. You can find all the possible list style types at the W3 Consortium.

Can you hide the file path so people can not post links directly to the files?

Hi Jason, Thanks for your interest! I am not too sure what you are asking. The file path is shown. You can have a look at my demo site: You can also disable the hyperlinks to the files, and just list them.

Love your file listing extensions! I have a “problem” though. When I list a directory with directories in it, I get the correct directory / files inside listed but I always get an additional “There are no files” and icon as teh last item at bottom of the list. This happens if I select any (so far) top level directory. For instance if I select folder plugins (toplevel) it happens. But if I slect plugins/system it doesnt. Any ideas?

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your support and for your excellent question. I have just tested out the plugin with both ‘plugins’ and ‘plugins/system’ as the folder designations. What you see is normal. Please remember for table listing, the curent folder’s file listing is show below the sub-folder listing. Also, since I used Joomla API calls to get the listing data and the listing for those folders are mainly Joomla php files, Joomla will not reveal them, and so the file listing that is returned is empty, which corresponds to the “There are no files” listing. So, basiaclly, Joomla, for security purposes, is not going to allow you to list joomla php files.

Hope that answers your question.

Hi Michael,

Purchased the plug in today. You have quite a nifty program.

Nonetheless, after trying out both the paid plugin and the free module, I find the module to be way more user friendly.

If you would please add a module (paid version?) with option to change the default root folder (currently image only) to user specified outside of image folder, I think it would work much, much better than the plugin.

Currently have to put the plug in inside an article, then place the article as a module to display under category view menu item. It’s awfully cumbersome vs. the file folder module.

Really looking forward to such change. Will you consider it?

Thank you.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for purchasing and using my plugin. I appreciate your comments, but I have to respectfully disagree. In actuality, the plugin works just like the module in an article. However, in general, modules and plugins work differently in Joomla. Modules are designed for be placed in module positions in the template. However, I use the “loadposition” plugin to make the module work in an article. They are also static in the sense that once you set the settings in the Module Manager, it is set to that. If you want to add multiple instances of the same type of module, you must go to the Module Manager, and add one module per instance. So, if you want to have 10 different listings on a page, you have to add it 10 times in the Module Manager, and customize the settings for each one. To me, this is very cumbersome.

As for plugins, you just have one enabled plugin in the Plugin Manager, which specifies the default settings. However, if you want 10 listings, you don’t need to go to the Plugin Manager. All you need to do is add them locally in the Article, and specify the parameters.

Also, the typical usage is:
(For module:)
{loadposition module_position}

(For plugin:)
{easyfolderlistingpro }

It seems that in your particular case, you are trying to force the plugin to work like a module. I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish when you say, “display under category view menu item”. Maybe you should explain what you are actually trying to do with the extension. It would help if you email me (use the email address in the download notification email) a screenshot with your result, and even how you came to it. If you do that I can advise you as to how you can use the plugin more efficiently.

Hi, does the pro version allow change of default Location of the Listing Folder? Thanks.

yes. it does. You can specify the folder through the folder parameter, and it doesn’t have to be in the images folder. For example,

{easyfolderlistingpro folder=’somefolder/subfolder’}

You can use the parameter keywords in the plugin to override any of the default settings. So, you can have multiple listings with different settings on the same article page, if you like.

Hi, I would like to list large file size mp3, flv files for user download, e.g. over 50 megabyte. Will it work?

Hi wayne,

Thanks for your interest in my plugin. It should work just fine since it allows you to link to the files. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work. Have you checked out the demo site:

It shows you exactly how it will look, and it is flexible enough to show file size and folders. Check out the demo site.

If you have Joomla installed on a Linux host, this can be done with mounting the network drive into any folder on the Linux host and than remounting the needed subfolders to the place where joomla is actually installed (in my case /var/www/anyfolder). It is done through /etc/fstab. Also samba needs to be installed if you want to mount windows remote folders. I could go into more detail but there are already quite a few how to’s around the web.

Hi there.

I’ve been looking for an extension like this one.
My question is: does it go outside the joomla! directory?

Best Regards.

YES! I just tested it. It works with an absolute directory path, even if it is outside of the joomla directory, BUT the linking to the file will NOT work.

So, you can use it to list the file, but the linking to download or view the file will not work because it is outside of the joomla web directory.

It uses the JFolder functions, which uses php’s is_dir function. So, whatever is_dir acknowledges as a directory will work.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michael, I’m new to joomla and looking for a folder listing like yours for our network files. Does your Easy Folder Listing list files on a network also? I need to be able to select a shared network drive folder and see the list of files as in your demo. I would still want to click them and open in their native format application. Possible??

Hi Tracey. Thanks for expressing interest in my extensions. I don’t quite understand what you are asking, to be honest, but if joomla can read the files/folders as being part of the joomla directory structure, then it should be possible. I use the joomla API to read the file and folder information, so that should help you answer your question.

Hope this helps.

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