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Match 4 Rainbow for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Copyright: Michael Albert Gilkes

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Minimum Requirements:

  • iOS 3.0+

☆ 4½ out of 5 stars – TheiPhoneAppReview

What is Match 4 Rainbow?!?

Match 4 Rainbow provides a unique and fun match-four game experience. You match four orbs of the same color diagonally, vertically, or horizontally in a row to score. The game has two modes of game play, each with its own challenge in making matches. Both modes of the game are move-based. You’re challenge is to match four orbs in a row given a set number of moves. The great thing about the game is that you have the power to increase the number of moves you have by making intersections of differently oriented matches. You can also challenge yourself with the risky timed BONUS CLOCK that YOU initiate in game when you want more points! No longer are you limited by whether you want a timed mode or a classic mode. You can initiate the timed mode whenever you want. The graphics are all uniquely made to dazzle your senses, and the sound effects and music keep you pumped and ready to make matches!

Swap Mode

Swap mode is cool and casual. It allows you to swap between any two orbs on the game board. You aren’t limited by the relative position of the orbs to each other. This is a unique feature, and make for fun, relaxing game play. You are only limited by the number of swaps you have available.

Slide Mode

Slide mode is more challenging and you can only switch between adjacent orbs. However, you can slide diagonally, as well as horizontally and vertically. Again, you are limited by the number of slides you can make. There are also some neat tricks you can perform in slide mode (see the FAQ).

Bonuses Galore

There are various bonuses you can earn and make in the game. Match various colors to earn the awesome RAINBOW BONUS! Try your luck at earning the Lighting Bonus. Get bonuses for intersections, and cascading chain matches! Have fun with your friends to see who can gain higher scores on the leaderboards.


  • 2 modes of Game Play: Swap Mode & Slide Mode
  • Game Center and OpenFeint integrated
  • Animated, Dynamic backgrounds
  • Custom graphics and fun sound effects
  • Swap orbs from anywhere on the board
  • Gain extra moves by making intersections
  • Slide orbs beyond the edges of the game board
  • 18 achievements available in each game play mode
  • Earn NEW orbs as you play the game
  • Save your game stats and level automatically on exiting
  • Background music by Kevin MacLeod
  • Powered by Cocos2D

iPhone/iPod touch


Game Features Video

Swap Mode Clip

Slide Mode Clip


Match 4 Rainbow FAQ

What music titles are you using from Kevin MacLeod?

Match 4 Rainbow is using the following royalty-free titles from Kevin MacLeod:

Are there any tricks you can do in the game?

Well… I guess you could call it a trick, but it is a legal move to slide an edge orb outside of the game board and replace an orb several spots apart. It is different on the iPad compared to both the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad allows you to move edge orbs all around the four edges of the board, whereas on the iPhone and iPod touch, you are limited to only the top and bottom edge. However, it provides for some fun ways to play the game, and you can perform some neat tricks as a result.

Can I get a PROMO code?

We only get a limited amount of PROMO codes from Apple. if you are interested in reviewing the game, and I have PROMO codes left, you can send me an email at:

Where are the links to the game?

You can find the game at the following links:

When do I get to use/activate the BONUS CLOCK?

The BONUS CLOCK becomes available from Level 6 (3,000 points). You have to earn it, and you can do it! You get DOUBLE points initially! Then at Level 14 (11,000 points), you get TRIPLE points! If you can reach Level 30 (50,000 points), you get QUADRUPLE points!


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One Response to “Match 4 Rainbow App”

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My name is George Norman and I write iOS application reviews for

Today I wrote a review about Match 4 Rainbow and I wanted to let you know about it.
This is the text of the review, as it can be found on our website here:

Match 4 Rainbow Review – Unique and Fun Match-four Game Experience
“The goal in the Michael Gilkes-developed game Match 4 Rainbow is pretty straightforward. What you have to do is swap and slide colored orbs around so that you match four or more orbs of the same color. The goal may be straightforward, but mind you, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to reach it. As you start the game, it’s rather easy to match colored orbs, but as the game progresses, it gets to be harder and harder. To my mind, that’s not a bad thing. You would get bored if it were simple all the time.

I mentioned above that you can swap and slide to match orbs of the same color. It must be mentioned that you can’t swap and slide at the same time. You can swap in Swap Mode, and you can Slide in Slide mode.

While playing in Swap Mode, you can swap any two orbs on the board. I said “any two orbs”, which means the orbs don’t have to be next to each other. The only limitation is that you don’t have an unlimited amount of swaps at your disposal.

While paying in Swipe Mode, you can swipe vertically, diagonally, and horizontally to switch between adjacent orbs. The number of swipes you can perform is limited. There’s a neat trick you can pull in Swipe Mode: you can slide an edge orb outside of the game board and replace an orb several spots apart. The iPhone version only lets you move the top and bottom orbs while the iPad vesion lets you move edge orbs all around the four edges of the board.

As you play the game you can unlock various achievements. There are in all, 18 achievements available in each game mode. From level 6 and 3,000 points on, you can unlock the Bonus Clock, which initially gives you double points. It will then give you triple points at level 14 and 11,000 points and quadruple points at level 30 and 50,000 points. Others achievements you can unlock are the Rainbow Bonus and the Lightning Bonus.

Looking for a fun and colorful match-four game to keep you entertained? You won’t go wrong by picking Match 4 Rainbow.

What we liked

Colorful graphics
Two game modes
Achievements and bonuses
Game Center and OpenFeint integrated
There’s also a free Lite version

Additional information on Match 4 Rainbow is available here.”

We only review high quality applications and we are pleased to have your app listed on

I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion about the review.

If you like the review and consider it is worth linking to, please do so. The review is listed here:

A small badge with our review rating for Match 4 Rainbow has been generated and it is listed on the review page.

George Norman
App Review Editor at FindMySoft

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