Tackling Test Anxiety

Disclaimer: This article did not originate from me. I found it on a piece of paper I had in an old folder. I don’t recall where I got it from. Anyways, I thought I would share it to help others.

Characteristics of test anxious people

  1. They are self-focused rather than task-focused.
  2. They blame themselves for stupidity or emotional weakness.
  3. They think of each test as a measure of their overall intelligence rather than a classroom assessment of what they have learned.
  4. They forget basic problem solving or coping skills.
  5. They continually rethink an answer until they are doubtful of every answer.
  6. They engage in self-talk that increases anxiety and the possibility of failure.

Self-Help Techniques

  1. Focus on the problem at hand. Try not to exaggerate the task.
  2. Start focusing on the test before the day of the test. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Avoid comparing yourself with other students around you.
  4. Don’t let the first question throw you. It is quite normal to be very anxious at first, therefore putting a lot of pressure on the first question.
  5. Know and realize that test anxiety is not a disease, and that it is very temporary!
  6. Avoid panicky and negative self-talk.
  7. practice relaxation and deep-breathing exercises. THEY WORK!
  8. Go ahead and share your distress with someone. They may have something helpful to tell you.
  9. When you block or momentarily forget something that you really know, remind yourself, very positively, that you do know it and that it will come back to you before the test is over.