8 Cramming Rules

Disclaimer: This article did not originate from me. I found it on a piece of paper I had in an old folder. I don’t recall where I got it from. Anyways, I thought I would share it to help others.

We’ve all done it. So, here is how to do it better:

  1. Accept that you have chosen to cram and do it well!!!
  2. You cannot learn it all, it’s too late, so…
    1. spend 25% of your time learning new material
    2. spend 75% drilling yourself on that material
  3. Make a plan
    1. determine how much time you have
    2. determine what you will commit to memory during that time
  4. Use flashcards
  5. Recite ad nauseam
  6. Relax – you will be able to do this because you have already accepted your choice to cram.
  7. Negative thinking will destroy your efforts
    1. avoid comparing yourself to others
    2. avoid using words like: should, can’t, never, don’t
    3. start using words like: will, can, have, do
  8. Cramming is not beneficial when trying to commit knowledge to long term memory