ALWAYS test your code!

Hi Everyone! I just want to post a quick note tonight before I go to bed. I am *almost* ready to release my new component: Advanced Folder Listing. My policy has always been to ALWAYS test your code before final release. I have been testing my code at every step of development, with every added feature. I was so tempted to release it tonight. However, something told me, “Michael… test your code again!” Then, I was like, “sigh… ok, let me just do this one last time”. So, I decided to uninstall the component and re-install it. First, I got an sql error on install. So, I fixed that. Then after successful installation, I everything else seemed to work fine. Then as I decided to test the listings, I get some 500 error. I was like, “What?! Where did this come from?” Anyways, the cause of the error was so trivial, it was caused by missing text in the manifest file. I guess the point of this is to encourage everything to ALWAYS test before final release. In making changes and fixes, we often accidentally introduce errors that do not reveal themselves until we do a thorough test. So, hopefully, tomorrow the component will be up on the website, and I will submit it for review on JED. I hope to post a preview/intro video of it in operation. See you all tomorrow!

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