Thoughts on Peace & Freedom

The children of God are supposed to be peacemakers (Matt. 5:9). What does that mean? I have learned that obtaining peace requires determination, humility, resolve, truth, love, and a will to do what is right, even if it requires sacrifice.

Sacrifice is something that many of us do not fully understand in this day and age. Everyone wants ‘this’; Everyone feels ‘that’. Who will bare the burden? The freedoms that we enjoy in any country today resulted from the sacrifice of others, yet we use our freedom to oppress. We see it as a ticket to satisfy our self, regardless of others.

Yet, what is freedom? I believe that freedom is the right to be unrestricted in one’s ability to live and love. A free person is not only free to live, but has a responsibility that others are free to live as well. One cannot demand to be free at the expense of others. Violating the freedom of others is not a benefit of being free yourself. Rather, being free demands that you ensure the freedom of others. This is fairness and equity. Freedom is protected by justice. Justice upholds peace. Peace requires sacrifice. Sacrifice ensures freedom.



Unless you live on a dessert Island that you own or a boat in the ocean then nobody is free to act as they choose. Freedom depends upon the society in which you choose to live and with it brings restrictions upon freedom. However, many societies do not subscribe to the rules of God, justice or Freedom, many have been invented by Man. So we are left with the dilemma of living a life within the society we choose or have been born or challenging the society to become better. The current ‘modern’ society has yet to prove it it can survive, many before have gone so as time passes so will this, but lets hope your sentiments become the norm. I have my doubts given Man’s and religion’s propensity for war and greed

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