To blog or not to blog… hmm…

Another month has passed, and I am yet to put a decent post. Man, I feel partly ashamed. But, the truth is that sometimes, I think of things I want to blog, and I question whether I should blog about it or not. For example, many things have come into my mind about politics, and religion, and I want to put in my two cents, but I end up holding it all back. I think that it reveals a little too much, but at the same time, I do want to blog my thoughts. Anyways… I’m still pondering how I should express my thoughts. However, apart from my indecision when it comes to blogging for the past month, I have been pretty busy on some projects on my MacBook Pro. I have been learning Objective-C and writing quite a bit of code. I really has been a lot of fun. Most of my evenings for the past month has been spent doing that.

In addition to that, for the past month, my family and I went to Florida to visit my grand-aunt and my brother. It was quite restful. Actually, I didn’t have Internet access while I was there. I felt like I was living in the dark ages or something. However, it was refreshing to talk with my uncle, and get his perspective on life, and share in his experiences when he was young. Life can be so different for different people. It is always good to get some perspective.

Right now, I am in Antigua. I just went through hurricane Earl. It wasn’t too bad. There were lots of wind and rain. There is no electricity on the entire island. I have electricity due to a small generator that I am using to power the house. If I have too many appliances on, it becomes overworked. Nonetheless, it is doing a good job. It’s good to have parents who care for you enough to lend you these things. My mommy and daddy are awesome!

Yes… I just said, “Mommy and Daddy”! There is nothing wrong with a grown man referring to his parents as “mommy and daddy”. I remember a friend of mine at university being astonished when I referred to my parents in that way. For me, that’s what makes me comfortable, and I really don’t care what people think about that. No matter how old I am, my mother will always be, “mommy”. You know, I think that it is a cultural thing. I think we in the Caribbean mainly refer to our parents with such terms of endearment.

Anyways, that’s enough for now. I think I’ll go and do some more coding. I will tell you about my coding by the end of next month. God bless you all.

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